Pretty Simple Games Announces Release of New Hidden Object Title Criminal Case

PARIS – November 20, 2012

Paris-based social gaming company Pretty Simple Games today announced the release of Criminal Case, their brand new title on Facebook. The game features a series of enticing murder cases, breathtaking concept art-like hidden object stages and several mind-breaking mini-games, among other features, making it a one-of-a-kind must-play in the genre.

As key elements of the Grimsborough Police Department, players will get acquainted with engaging plots, scour intriguing crime scenes, question suspects ranging from mafia leaders to inconspicuous city dwellers and analyze evidence crucial to solving all cases.

This announcement follows the recent worldwide launch of Pretty Simple’s action title Magical Ride, which placed itself as the No. 1 emerging Facebook game shortly after release.

Name of the game: Criminal Case


Criminal Case is a hidden object / adventure game, in which players join the Grimsborough Police Department to solve a series of crimes throughout the city’s districts. Players will get acquainted with engaging plots, scour intriguing crime scenes, question suspects and witnesses to finally arrest the killers. The game features captivating concept art-like hidden object stages and plenty of mind-breaking mini-games

finding objects

You can play our game here:

About Pretty Simple Games

Pretty Simple Games is a top European social gaming company headquartered in Paris, France, which develops and publishes renowned free-to-play (FTP) games on Facebook, including global success My Shops and recently unveiled action game Magical Ride. Founded in 2010 with funds from European private equity leading group Idinvest Partners, Pretty Simple Games has consolidated its position as a fast-growing SME in the social gaming industry and counts approximately one million monthly active users (MAU) as of today.

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